Who We Are

We are a family owned business.  We have loved camping and the Great Outdoors since we met in college.  It is part of the foundation of our family.

We wanted to give our kids the same love for camping and the outdoors that we shared.  

We wanted to build a company that makes camping more like being home than actually being at home.  With wanted to offer products that remind you of the great family moments you had while at your favorite spot with your favorite people and pets.

Our Camping Story

In college we loved backpacking.  Just a 2 person tent and some trail was all we needed for a good time.​

After college we only had time for a short weekend trip to a campground so we switched to a tent at a campground.  This was our first step toward glamping..... we had an air mattress.


Later after our daughter was born we bought a used Pop-up so we could all go camping and enjoy it.

Naturally, around when #2 came along we upgraded to a travel trailer so we could bring our pups with and all (4 humans and 2 pups) of us could be comfortable.

Now we want to go see the West so we are looking for a class A.  

Making memories as our family grows is what drives us as a company and why we want to be part of your story.  

Go to the Contact Us page and tell us about your story and where your favorite site is and we will add it to the map.